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RVDO BV, Supplier of mechanical constructions & machines

RVDO BV is started by the fusion of  Renders Metal constructions BV, which has been active since late 60’s as metal working company and Weld- and construction company P. van den Oever BV, which developed and produced since 1987 a great variety of constructions and machines. By this strategic fusion RVDO BV can provide, with it’s team of about 20 enthusiastic employees a great variety of products and service on;

    • Engineering
    • Supply
    • Machine construction
    • Vehicle technics
    • Special constructions


Within these disciplines RVDO BV will manage the project from A to Z. This means only one contact and one address for your entire project. By efficient work and use of modern production processes RVDO BV realises your project without making any concessions to the quality of your product!

RVDO B.V.  Meerheide 6  5521 DZ  Eersel The Netherlands  T: +31 (0)497 - 51 99 99  F: +31 (0)497 - 51 95 05  KVK: 56680260  E:

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